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The Clinic For All / La Clinica De Todos (TCFA) is a bilingual Primary Care community based medical practice.


Oral Care System *1set

Oral Care System *1set

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Oral Care System *1set




  • Dental plaque removing (anti-plaque) effect – Removes dental plaque by using proper amount of silicon dioxide
  • Tartar deposition preventing effect – Sodium pyrophosphate prevents plaques attached to teeth being deposited as tartar
  • Dental cavities preventing effect – Triple complex action of monofluoro phosphate, sodium flouride, and xylitol prevents dental cavities
  • Bad breath removing effect
  • Orange oil and citrus fragrance adds freshness



  • Super Slim Brush
  • Anti-Bacteria Brush
  • Rounded Slim Head
  • Easy-grip Handle





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