Health and Wellness

TCFA is patient focused, friendly and sensitive to your needs. We offer personalized health care to every patient. Our physicians emphasize patient wellness and preventive care along with the treatment of existing medical conditions. Whether you are feeling ill or due for a checkup, we will be happy to accommodate you:

  • -Feeling Stressed?
  • -Do you feel tired all the time?
  • -Bothered by nagging Pain?
  • -Wish you had more energy to exercise or workout?
  • -Suffering from low energy or having trouble falling asleep?
  • -Irritable?

Your nutrition is likely the blame! Your body needs daily nutrition that you may not be getting in your food. We provide an all-natural, balanced nutritional supplement appropriate for the whole family. Rely on TCFA for personalized health care to address your overall health and nutritional need. Good health means freedom from diseases. It also includes preventive care. Our physicians offer healthy living tips for wellness and preventative healthcare.

Wellness & Healthy Living


Everyone wants to feel as young as possible. Proper nutrition is required to renew and restore your body to help you achieve and maintain the healthiest version of you. Nutrients and antioxidants help you to repair and protect your cells. Military Micronutrient Formulation (MMF) is a dietary supplement initially created by scientist and physicians for the health of soldiers, now available for everyone. MMF is a patient protected, clinically validated micronutrient formulation for your DNA. Benefits of MMF



  • -Fast effective absorption of these health benefits to assist with your body’s
  • natural healing process.
  • - Supports reduction of oxidative stress and cellular inflammation.
  • - Promotes better sleep
  • - Enhances natural energy and mental focus
  • - Supports increased flexibility
  • - Promotes an overall sense of well being
  • - Military Micronutrient Formulation (MMF Supplement)
  • Click link to learn more about http://military micronutrient formulation

Black Seed Oil

Traditionally, Black Seed has been used for a variety of conditions and treatments

related to:

  • -Respiratory health
  • - Stomach and intestinal complaints
  • - Kidney & liver support
  • - Circulatory and immune system support
  • - Improve general health
  • -Black Seed has been used topically for different skin conditions, dryness, joint and scalp
  • massage.  for more information.

Diet, Exercise and Sleep

The Clinic For All promotes wellness and healthy living through a healthy lifestyle including a nutritious diet, regular exercise, getting enough sleep and maintaining a balance between work life and personal life. We encourage our patients to be more conscientious about what they eat; choosing food to support their overall health recovery as well as promote maintenance of desired wellness lifestyle. Some patients gain surprising awareness when educated about the benefits of a healthy diet including sufficient amounts of vegetables, fruit and other healthy foods, as well as drinking enough water, and the inclusion of nutritional supplements.

Sometimes, our daily food is not adequate to fulfill daily nutritional requirements. A nutritional supplement is an effective way to be sure that you get everything that you need to strengthen your immune system and health. We provide an all-natural, balanced nutritional supplement appropriate for the whole family including children.

Chronic Pain Relief

Studies have shown that many common pain relievers are simply masking pain, and reduce your body’s pain threshold. Eventually pain relievers are less effective resulting in the need for increased dosage to get the same level of relief. Click this link to learn more about all natural, NON-GMO, nature’s ingredients, safe and effective, chemical free topical pain relief cream. Real Time Pain Relief provides comfort and relief all over the body from the pain associated with many chronic conditions such as arthritis, gout, diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, simple back pain, muscle strains, sprains, bruises, cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more common aches and pain. Try this time tested proven product that absorbs through all seven layers of the skin carrying the ingredients to the site of your pain. Real Time Pain Relief smells great, works fast, no side effects, and is safe for the entire family.


At TCFA we believe that everyone deserves quality healthcare, from meeting the physician to helping through the insurance process. For us, it isn’t about the number of patients we can see in a day, it is about giving the hands on, patient centered, comprehensive, holistic care, personalized attention that each patient deserves. We are here for our patients at every step. TCFA’s physicians and staff highly value our patients. We are committed to wellness and prevention and strive to empower our patients to embrace the whole person. We are dedicated to patient centered health care, putting you and the needs of your family’s health as our top priority.


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