TCFA is committed to patient centered health care services providing diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of illnesses and diseases. Quality, affordable healthcare for acute and chronic illnesses, as well as health maintenance by friendly, caring staff concerned about your wellbeing. Screening, treatment and management include:

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Chronic illness:


- Acid Reflux


- Cholesterol

- Chronic Pain

- COPD- Chronic

-Obstructive Pulmonary


- Dementia

- Depression/ Anxiety

- Diabetes

- Erectile Dysfunction

- Gout

- High Blood Pressure

- Lupus

- Obesity

- Osteoarthritis

- Osteoporosis

- Psoriasis

- Medication Management

-Seasonal Allergies


- Tobacco Use

-Urinary Tract 

Acute Care

- Bruises/ Cuts/ Small Wounds

- Cold

- Diarrhea

- Delirium


- Headaches

- Infections

- Rashes

- Respiratory Symptoms

- Strains

- Stress

GYN Services / Well Women Visit With A Gynecologist


 -Annual Physical Exams

- Contraception Counseling

- Fibroids

- Infertility Consultation

- Irregular Menses

- Menopause Management

- Pap Smear

- Pregnancy

- STI Counseling/ Treatment

The Clinic For All is a primary health clinic located in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in making you the old you again. Whether you are suffering from Diabetes, Hypertension, Allergies, or Asthma, we can help.

The Clinic For All (TCFA) provides quality affordable health care to both insured and uninsured individuals. Wellness and preventative care are highly emphasized at TCFA. We educate patients about the benefits of nutritional supplements, proper diet, and lifestyle activities to maintain quality health. We provide effective management of chronic health issues to help our patients become and stay healthy. TCFA inspires and empowers its patients toward optima health by:


    • -Managing Medications and Identifying Drug Interactions
    • -Providing a Comprehensive Range of Care
    • -Patient Centered Heath Care
    • -Easily Accessible, Hoistic Alternatives
    • -Coordinated Health Care and Referrals


Easy Access To Care

Annual wellness exams, at no out of pocket cost to you or your family members, is provided by most insurance companies. A wellness visit is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself for peace of mind about your health. This is also the best source of early detection should any additional care is needed. Our experienced staff works closely with patients to assist them with insurance matters. We do our best to provide affordable, quality healthcare for the entire family. Annual physical exams, with routine laboratory screenings, is the foundation to identify and manage potential serious health issues.

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  • -Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • -Screening
  • -Colonoscopy
  •  -Dexa Screening
  •  -Hearing Testing
  •  -EKG/ Echo
  •  -EGD
  • -Esophagogastroduodenoscopy
  •  -Lung Screening
  •  -Mammogram
  •  -Prostate Screening
  •  -Renal Ultra Sound
  •  -Vision Screening
  •  -X-rays

 Comprehensive and Personal Care

TCFA is committed to patient centered healthcare services providing diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide spectrum of illnesses and diseases. Our providers educate and empower patients about the benefits of holistic coordinated healthcare. An educated patient is more compliant with prescribed treatment regimens thus resulting in better management of chronic illnesses and greater success in overall recovery. Let us help you to enjoy living again on your path to a healthy lifestyle!

Our doctors listen to you and do not treat you as just a number or financial transaction. They actually take time to understand your concerns without making you feel rushed during your visit. TCFA team of professionals makes you feel special and unique while providing:

  • -Family Care
  • -Primary Care
  • -Women & Men Health Care
  • Preventive and Diagnostic Care


Living well and staying healthy is what we help you achieve by listening to your concerns, discussing, educating, and insuring your understanding of the disease or health concern.

The Clinic For All is a bilingual Primary Care Family Practice medical office, providing quality and affordable health care for individuals and families in the Metro Atlanta area.


Coordinated Care


The job of the primary care physician is to manage the patient’s care through preventative and diagnostic screenings. Our primary care physicians work with specialists to better manage each patient’s healthcare when needed, by referrals.

Pain stops here


At TCFA we understand that pain comes in all forms, and plagues those, good and bad, without prejudice. That’s why we are here to assist and help manage in any way possible. There is no shame in our game when it come to pain management. We offer services such as Allergy Testing, Diabetes Screening & Monitoring, Treatments for Gout, Hypertension, and Asthma, as well as High Blood Pressure Monitoring and ANS testing- An in-depth analysis of blood vessels, which helps to identify a host of problems.


Pain Management you can rely on.


You wouldn’t trust just anyone in your home, why trust just anyone with your pain? The Clinic For All has been a Primary Healthcare provider in Atlanta for several years now, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. We have a proven track record when it comes to pain relief. The best part is we work with your schedule. We understand that you have enough to deal with in your life, that’s why you should let us deal with the pain.


What’s Next for You


The Clinic For All offers Free Wellness exams to all of our patients. What you should do next is call our office, or drop us an email to schedule an appointment today. Always remember that preventative healthcare is the best healthcare. And getting screened will help you have a better understanding of where you are, and where you need to be when it comes to personal health.

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