About Us

The Clinic For All / La Clinica De Todos (TCFA) is a bilingual Primary Care community based medical practice.

  • -TCFA’s goal is to ensure that patients receive high quality medical care, while keeping medical costs down
  • -Our team – Family Practice, Gynecologist and Internal Medicine physicians
  • -Incorporate a holistic perspective emphasizing wellness and prevention
  • -Patient education to better understand their medical condition
  • -Teaching patients about the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise and proper nutrition
  • -Caring, dedicated professionals
  • -Increased sustained health and wellness
  • -Encourage patients to stay healthy and active


TCFA provides high quality primary care services for chronically ill individuals, those with acute issues, as well as prevention and wellness health maintenance. We provide primary healthcare services to people across all stages of life from youth to the aging.

At TCFA, we’re continually working for wellness solutions to help our patients and family members get and stay well. Also, helping them make positive lifestyle changes so that their health can flourish.

Our providers make most of their diagnosis and treatments based on the skills of listening and looking, which ensures that the patient has time to be heard and not feel rushed. Many patients complement our doctors for making them feel special and showing that they really care.

TCFA’s primary care services endeavor to:

  • -Assist patients with referral coordination for ancillary, inpatient and specialty referrals
  • -Help the patient population with insurance access resolution to obtain maximum benefits
  • -Consultation for stress and basic life style management

“Healthier, Happier You”


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