Quality, Affordable Patient Centered Medical Care

The CLINIC FOR ALL was established in April 2007 to provide specialized treatment and affordable care to both insured and uninsured families and communities in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. 

We are a community of doctors and medical professionals commited to providing affordable, quality in office medical care.

Our Mission and Values

We’re dedicated to providing quality, affordable healthcare services delivery. Empowering our patients with education towards wellness and prevention. Helping patients to achieve improved quality of health and more effective chronic disease management.

Our Pledge

We are a community focused clinic, committed to helping extend and improve the lives and quality of lives of our patients, their families, and local communities.

We believe that preventative care, early diagnosis, and treatment are the keys to longevity and our best defense against chronic illness and disease.

We strive to educate patients on how their habits and dietary choices
serve as the first line of defense in long term health and wellness.

We are aligned with our communities in providing long term health strategies through annual health and wellness checks, as well as health screenings.

We welcome both insured and uninsured patients to schedule an appointment and become a part of our healthy habits, healthy families, and healthy communities initiative and hope to see you soon.